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Day 20 of 31 – January Painting Challenge

January Daily Painting Challenge Day 20 of 31
The Cherry Blossom
8 x 10″ Acrylic on Canvas

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Day 20 of the 31 day challenge for January.

One of my favourite artists was the English artist Charles Condor. He was in Australia painting at the time of the Heidelberg School of artists.

His paintings featuring cherry blossom trees have always stuck in my mind. The carefree almost abstract nature of how he handled the blossoms always fascinated me.

This quick ten minute sketch is based on a cherry blossom tree in Bathhurst.

My goal is to try out new ideas and different compositions. Experiment, play and have fun. By painting daily of course it will improve my skills as well.

I will sell most of these sketches on Ebay for no reserve auctions. Some will be used as ideas for larger works, and some may become episodes of Learn To Paint TV.