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About Noosa Artist Rod Moore

Noosa Artist Rod Moore
Rod Moore is an accomplished painter and the innovative founder of the Learn To Paint Academy.

His artistic endeavors are firmly planted within the romantic impressionist genre, where he skilfully blends emotion and atmosphere to capture the ethereal beauty of the natural world. With a palette that speaks in vivid tones and a brushwork that dances between the lines of realism and abstraction, Rod's paintings invite viewers into a serene, almost dreamlike, landscape.

Raised in a family where art and culture were valued, Rod's early exposure to artistic expression did not immediately lead him down the path of a painter. It was only later in life, moved by the breath taking vistas of Australia's landscapes, that he felt a compelling call to express these sights in paint. This marked the beginning of a journey not just into art, but into the depths of personal and creative exploration.

A pivotal moment in Rod's artistic career came when he was mentored by the world-renowned artist Robert Hagan. Spending ten days in Hagan's studio in Thailand, Rod was immersed in an intensive learning experience that shaped his approach to painting. Under Hagan’s guidance, Rod refined his technique and deepened his appreciation for the subtleties of color and light that define the romantic impressionist style. This mentorship enriched his art, infusing it with a new depth that resonates with art enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Rod’s paintings often depict tranquil scenes—quiet coastlines, serene fields, and bustling market scenes painted in a way that emphasizes their underlying peace. These works are not just seen; they are experienced, evoking emotions and inviting contemplation. They reflect Rod's belief that art should transport the viewer, offering a refuge from the everyday and a gateway to inner tranquillity.

In addition to his painting, Rod has taken his passion for art and teaching to found the Learn To Paint Academy. There, he translates his years of experience and learning into accessible courses that demystify the process of painting. The academy offers instruction in oils, acrylics, and gouache, catering to students from beginner to advanced levels. Rod’s teaching philosophy is simple yet profound: anyone can learn to paint, and everyone should have the opportunity to explore their creative potential.

At the academy, Rod’s impact extends beyond just teaching techniques. He nurtures a community of artists, fostering an environment where creativity and personal growth can flourish. His instructional books and articles further this mission, offering insights into both the craft of painting and the broader implications of art on well-being and personal development.

Rod Moore continues to inspire through both his own canvases and his teaching. With each brushstroke and class, he encourages others to see the world through an artist’s eyes, transforming not only how they view art but how they experience the world. Rod remains a guiding light for aspiring artists, empowering them to unlock their creativity and find their own voice in the vast world of art.

Artist Statement

Inspired by the timeless charm of impressionist masters and the evocative romanticism of romantic and nostalgic paintings, my work transcends boundaries to capture the universal beauty of reflective moments. My paintings depict women in contemplative thought, children playing on the beach, and families connecting with nature. These scenes represent our collective quest for peace, serenity, and harmony in our lives.

A pivotal turning point in my artistic journey was the opportunity to learn directly from Robert Hagan in his studio in Thailand. His mentorship profoundly shaped my techniques and narrative approach, enriching my ability to convey emotion and tranquility through art.

Through each piece, I aim to invite viewers to pause and reflect, offering a serene escape from the chaos of daily life. I am dedicated to continuously evolving as an artist, exploring new perspectives, and bringing my vision to life on canvas.


2021 - Noosa Open Studios

2019 – Featured Artist Lawn Espresso
2019 – Yandina Historic House Art Gallery Featured Artist
2019 – Coolum Art Collective Easter Show
2019 – Taste of Art Exhibition – Noosa Regional Gallery

2018 – Sunshine Coast Plein Air Paint Out Exhibition

2017 – Mary Valley Art Show

2014 June – Camberwell Art Show
2014 January – Mornington Art Show

2013 December – Glen Eira Art Show ‘Plein Air’
2013 July – Brighton Rotary Art Show

2012 December – Tussock Upstairs Gallery
2012 June – Angelsea Art Show
2012 June – Bacchus Marsh Rotary Art Show

2011 October – Ocean Grove Rotary Art Show
2011 October – Geelong Art Revealed
2011 September – Double Door Studios

2010 – January ‘Queenscliff Art Show’
2010 – January ‘Italian Views’


2019 – ABC Sunshine Coast Radio Drivetime Interview
2018 – ABC Sunshine Coast Radio Interview
2016 – Noosa News Article Feature
2016 – Noosa FM Radio Interview
2013 – Presenter on TV show “Yes You Can Paint”
2011 – Geelong News Article “A Vision To Air Art On TV”
2011 – Presenter on Tv show Plein Air Painting TV
2011 – Pulse FM interview with Art N Soul Host Danni Cowdery
2011 – Made In Geelong Documentary
2011 – Geelong Times featured painting in article on ‘Streets Are Alive Festival’
2011 – Geelong News Article “Double Door Studios Opening’


2018 – Finalist in 4th Annual Landscape Awards for “Noosa Hinterland Trails”
2019 – Finalist in 3rd Annual Colours Exhibition Award for “Mary’s Banks 1”


2018 – Sunshine Coast Plein Air Painters Paint Out
2016 – Sunshine Coast Plein Air Painters Paint Out
2012 – Keynote Speaker at ANHR Conference “Art As A Visual Anchor”
2011 – Founding Member of Double Door Studio, Geelong


2023 - Personally Mentored by Robert Hagan
2019 – Todd Whisson Plein Air Workshop
2018 – Vital Art Sessions, Kellie Folsom
2018 – Bright Light Fine Art Academy
2016 – John Wilson Workshop, Gold Coast
2016 – Kasey Sealy Workshop, Sunshine Coast
2014 – Kasey Sealy Workshop Woodend
2011 – Certified Art Instructor with Alexander Art
2010 – 3 Year Virtual Art Academy Course
2010 – 3 Day Watercolour Workshop with Alvaro Castagnet