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When you make the decision to invest in a Rod Moore original painting or print you are making a great decision.

There is a growing list of collectors who own Rod's work around the world in both private and personal collection. Collectors come from Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Wales, Ireland, Italy, France, Germany, United States, Canada and more.

Rod's work has been steadily increasing in value over recent years. You can rest assured that your decision to purchase one of Rod's paintings will be a good one. Have a look at the happy faces above.

If you have questions please check our list of frequently asked questions below, or use the contact form to get in touch.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

Q/ Do you ship Internationally?

A/ Yes. We have buyers from all corners of the globe so you can purchase an original painting or print and we can ship to you anywhere in the world.

Q/ How much is shipping?

A/ In Australia original paintings are shipped free of charge.

The cost to ship internationally will vary depending on the size of the painting and your location.

There is a cost to ship prints, framed prints and merchandise regardless of where you are in the world as we use a third party print service to fulfill these items.

Q/ How soon will I receive my painting?

A/ Typically we ship within about three days of receiving your order. So you need to allow a minimum three days plus the shipping time from Rod's studio to your location. It can take three days to prepare a painting ready for shipment so that it is shipped securely.

Q/ What if I am unhappy with my painting?

A/ In the rare event you are not happy with the painting then contact us to discuss via the contact form. In certain circumstances we provide a 14 day return policy.

Q/ What method of payment do you provide?

A/ Our website here at is a fully fledged e-Commerce site built on the most powerful platform available for e-Commerce. So you can purchase via our checkout process with full confidence your purchase is safe and secure. You can use all leading credit cards, Shopify Pay, and Paypal on our site.

Q/ How much will my purchase be worth in the future?

A/ It is difficult to place a value on Rod's paintings in the future however what we can tell you is that in recent years interest in Rod and his paintings has been growing significantly. As such his prices have been steadily going up. The best time to invest then is right now.