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Day 29 of 31 – January Painting Challenge

January Daily Painting Challenge Day 29 of 31
Pastel Haze Across the Valley
12 x 16″ Water Based Oils on Canvas

Day 29 of the 31 day challenge for January.

Today I continued my experimentation by using water based oils. I had used them once before but they didn’t feel right at the time. Today though they seemed to suit my approach in this 10 minute study.

This painting draws its inspiration again from my trip back from Biggendan. The brief glimpses out of the car window across the valley as the sun got lower in the sky. Soft light brought out an array of soft pastels in the landscape that we don’t often consider as part of the Australian bush.

My goal is to try out new ideas and different compositions. Experiment, play and have fun. By painting daily of course it will improve my skills as well.

I will sell most of these sketches on Ebay for no reserve auctions. Some will be used as ideas for larger works, and some may become episodes of Learn To Paint TV.