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Day 9 of 31 – January Painting Challenge

January Daily Painting Challenge Day 9 of 31
The View From Davo’s Ridge
6.5 x 10″ Acrylic on Watercolour Paper

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Day 9 of the 31 day challenge for January.

I was painting on the side of the road in Kenilworth when along came the farm manager on his ride on mower. What are you doing he asked me? So I explained I was an artist painting his pond etc.

He got all excited and wanted to show me the view from up on the mountain ridge behind his property … great views he said. Forty minutes of 4wd tracks later and this was the view. It was all so overgrown that I could barely see anything. Lot of fun though.

My goal is to try out new ideas and different compositions. Experiment, play and have fun. By painting daily of course it will improve my skills as well.

I will sell most of these sketches on Ebay for no reserve auctions. Some will be used as ideas for larger works, and some may become episodes of Learn To Paint TV.